Two little “badass” fishes anniversary

7 de September de 2020 By Monica Diaz

“All begun in Auckland (New Zealand) during the 30th Americas Cup in 2000…”
Romolo Ranieri, father and designer of this two cool creatures, tells me about how all started. Romolo, is a big man, a very strong sailor, but most of all an incredible and charismatic artist, who loves drawing to dream and relax, mostly cartoons characters following his imagination.

One day he drew Piranha, his “little badass fish”, on the bulb of ITA45 Luna Rossa, the IACC version 5 of the Prada Luna Rossa Team, during the night of the 14th February 2000, before the official unveiling day…

The unveiling day it´s always very special. It´s the day in which all the challengers to the Americas Cup take off the skirt from the hulls of their boats to show the world the look and technical choices they made for the underwater part of the boat that has been hiden until then.

Mr. Patrizio Bertelli, called Romolo that night and told him to draw something on the bulb. He suggested other kind of subjects, but Romolo just followed his inspiration, and thought….something quick and agile in the water? A fish!

A fighter, a winner, who never gives up and always ready to bite; Loyal, honest, wishing to dare beyond the limits, a good team mate, and funny pet … a Piranha!

From that moment Piranha was adopted as a proper team mate and it appeared in all the Luna Rossa America´s Cup challengers, painted on the bulbs, wing sails, bows and even in some T-shirts for the launch of the new Luna Rossa AC75.

Swordfish was born a bit later…for the cup in San Francisco. One of the two AC45, and another fast fish, ready to sting and hit a target with his sword, perfect weapon to win.

Unfortunaly they are not sailing now… but Romolo always will use them to transmit all the original values he has, encouraging teams attitude and supporting any initiative to protect the enviroment.

Fair winds Piranha & Swordfish!

Romolo….never stop drawing what´s in your imagination, I´m sure there´s still another very special creature to be born. Can´t wait…!!