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Recommended Books
"The Comeback" by G. Bruce Knecht

Larry's Ellison's America's Cup team was down 1-8. New Zealand needed just one more win. Oracle ultimately beat back the odds in what's been called the greatest comeback in sport. But was it? G. Bruce Knecht set out to investigate how Oracle turned things around and, most particularly, the source of extra horsepower that seemed to come from nowhere during the final races. What he discovered was that the team was using a sailing technique that was prohibited under the rules. The Comeback is a pulse-pounding account of Oracle's desperate stop-at-nothing campaign.
G. Bruce Knecht, a former staff reporter and foreign correspondent for The Wall Street Journal, is the author of three books, including The Proving Ground: The Inside Story of the 1998 Sydney to Hobart Race.

SAIL SMART by Mark Chisnell

On-board instruments present modern sailors with a wealth of information. There´s apparent and true wind speed, boat speed, speed over the ground and velocity made good, to name just a few. But what do the numbers really mean and how do you use them to win races?
"Sail Smart" answers these questions and turns on-board information into racing results.
Mark Chisnell gives an expert guide on how to turn the theory into practice to ensure you stay ahead of the fleet. Cruising sailors will also benefit from understanding how to get the most from their instruments.
Information is under your fingertips, now turn that into racing success!

A VOYAGE FOR MAD MEN by Peter Nichols

In 1968, nine sailors set off on the most daring race ever held: to single-handedly circumnavigate the globe nonstop. It was a feat that had never been accomplished and one that would forever change the face of sailing. Ten months later, only one of the nine men would cross the finish line and earn fame, wealth, and glory. For the others, the reward was madness, failure, and death.

In this extraordinary book, Peter Nichols chronicles a contest of the individual against the sea, waged at a time before cell phones, satellite dishes, and electronic positioning systems. A Voyage for Madmen is a tale of sailors driven by their own dreams and demons, of horrific storms in the Southern Ocean, and of those riveting moments when a split-second decision means the difference between life and death.


Fun Times in Boats, Blocks, & Business is the story of how the Harken brothers started a business in a rundown garage, then grew Harken Incorporated into the industry leader in performance sailing hardware — all while having fun doing it.

Their journey began in Indonesia at the start of WWII. When the Japanese imprisoned their father, Mrs. Harken escaped with Peter and Olaf to Australia, and eventually made her way with the boys to San Francisco. After surviving four long years in a brutal prisoner-of-war camp in the jungles of Sumatra, Mr. Harken was reunited with his family and eventually took a job in the Philippines. There Peter and Olaf grew to adulthood, making lasting friends along the way and getting into all sorts of mischief.
The boys returned to the United States for their education, Peter attending the University of Wisconsin, and Olaf attending Georgia Tech. Olaf continued on to Officer Candidate School and became a naval officer. On the destroyer USS Forster he survived the ferocious North Pacific storms as part of the DEW line, pulled pranks on the Soviets, and witnessed the hilarious mayhem that ensued when the Japanese navy returned to Pearl Harbor.
After leaving the Navy, Olaf joined Peter in forming a company to make sailboats designed to withstand the rigors of college sailing clubs. Outfitting the sailboats with little to no money, Peter created the famous Harken ball-bearing blocks. Hugely successful, the blocks revolutionized the sailing hardware industry and became the preferred block of the best sailors in the world. The secret to Peter and Olaf’s success, they say, was making friends and having a lot of laughs along the way.


Do you want to sail to destinations like Antartica or Arctic? Do you want to sail in winter time?
Then you better get prepare…
Jon Amtrup has circumnavigated Svalbard, crossed the Atlantic twice and the North Sea ten times, and cruised extensively in the high latitudes along the Norwegian coast summer and winter. He is the author of Sail to Svalbard, Harbour Guide Bergen-Kirkenes and the authorized sailing biography of HMK Harald V of Norway.  He is a member of The Explorers Club and Royal Geographical Society.
Jon Amtrup sails where the sun never sets, and he skis where the ice-covered slopes meet the sea. He is an adventurer and also a proponent for the protection of the beautiful wild places he visits. Sailing along Norway’s coast there are houses in the most extraordinary places.
This book is for those who want to sail to colder climates for more adventure!

39270. Further, Tougher, Closer. Volvo Ocean Race

39270, the official book of Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12, is a high quality publication celebrating the very best of the race. From the start in Alicante to the climactic finish in Galway, 39270 recaps the amazing teams, incidents, people and places that defined this truly global event.
Thrilling sailing action, close finishes and stunning photography made Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12 possibly the most memorable ocean race ever. The 39,270nm route was not only the longest course ever set, but also one of the most incident-packed. Hotly contested every mile of the way, Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12 captured imaginations around the world.
Containing text and captions in four languages, 39270 makes a perfect memento or gift for anyone captivated by the drama and visual power of this amazing race.
Published by: Volvo Ocean Race.

"FIGHTING FINISH" by Gary Jobson

Imagine circumnavigating the globe, covering 32,700 nautical miles over 10 months in a 64 foot racing yacht. You sail through four oceans and stop at 10 ports on five continents, through some of the fiercest weather and roughest water on earth. This is the Volvo Ocean Race.
"Fighting finish" combines comprehensive coverage of the Volvo Ocean Race 2001-2002 with a detailed account of the contest that began as a challenge over a pint in a pub, and has evolved into the world´s most celebrate ocean yacht race.
Written by America´s Cup winner Gary Jobson and illustrated with photographs from Rick Tomlinson and many other prestigious sailing photographers, "Fighting finish" presents an inside look at the history of the race, the teams and the complete coverage of the race itself.
The book gives the feel of, not only the adventure of racing around the world, but also highlights the hard-driving crew´s obsession to win at almost any cost....!

“A VIKING VOYAGE” by W. Hodding Carter

Obsessed with Leif Eriksson and his triumphant voyage a thousand years ago, from Greenland to North America, Carter hatched the foolhardy idea of re-enacting Eriksson´s voyage in a replica of the precarious Viking cargo ship known as a “karr”. Never mind that he had wife, twin daughters, and another baby on the way. Carter was going to make it happen. “A Viking Voyage” is the enthralling, inspiring and occasionally hair-raising, account of how he and his equally inexperienced grab-bag crew pulled it off.
He´d always wanted to be a Viking……..

“200 BOWMEN” by Nicole Scott

Nicole Scott, a unique & talented world renowned yachting photo journalist having combined her passion of writing & visual arts for over 20 years. It’s Nicole's passion, understanding & dedication that enables her to consistently create unique photographs that are visually stunning … The book showcases some of the finest and skilled yachting bowmen in the southern hemisphere. Featured on the cover is Wild Oats XI Bowmen, Silas Nolan. Scott first met Nolan in Thailand while he was sailing for Neil Pryde on 'Hi- Fi'. Nolan was one of the very first professional yachtsmen Scott started capturing as a yachting photographer and has enjoyed watching the sailor progress over the years. Scott has clicked over some 80,000 photos in the last 12 months capturing many spectacular shots of yachts and crews on the waterways of Sydney and across Australia. For most, many of these photos will never see the day of light and will remain in Scott's private collection, however Scott plans to release more books in the future featuring prominent Australian and overseas sailors and yachts.

"ONE ISLAND, ONE OCEAN" by Herb McCormick
An adventure with a purpose...
The exhilarating story of a historic circumnavigation by sail of the American continents, through the once-frozen waters of the north west passage and around the stormy southern tip of cape Horn. On may 31st, 2009, a small group of sailors set out to circumnavigate that island....and after one year 25.000 nautical miles, and 50 port calls in 13 countries, they returned with an amazing story. This book tells that tale, as well as the story of our fragile oceans, and our planet´s future. Along the way, the crew studied the waters, took thousands of photographs, and met a cast of fascinating characters who contributed to this story. An epic adventure, a historic seafaring tale, and a call to action for everyone who loves this planet.
Extreme Sailing Series

In the course of twenty years of delivering sailboats to far-flung quaysides, John Kretschmer has had innumerable adventures, both humorous and terrifying. In “flirting with Mermaids”, he recounts the most memorable of them.
He crosses the Western Caribbean with a crew of eccentric Swedes researching ancient Mayan marines, lands in Aden at the outbreak of civil war, and endures a North Atlantic crossing during which he discovers the existence of Force 13 winds. Approaching Japan at the end of a particularly trying delivery, he finds himself sailing in a “high impact debris zone”, but his resolve is unshaken.
John Kretschmer has been a sailboat delivery skipper for 20 years, and he is also the author of “Cape Horn to Starboard” and “Used Boat Notebook”, and has published articles in numerous boating and travel magazines.
Book windly festooned with adventure, romance, and outrageous characters…!



For thousands of years, man has sailed into battle, sailed for rumoured wealth, and sailed for pure adventure. And for nearly as long, stories about the sea have entertained, intrigued, and inspired readers. The Greatest Sailing Stories Ever Told brings together some of the most compelling writing of the millennium. Here is Peter Goss's wrenching narrative of incredible courage in the world's most desolate ocean; Ernest Shackleton's understated and awesome account of one of the most daring small-boat journeys ever taken, where failure meant certain death for his long-suffering crew. But sailing is much more than headlong dashes into roaring seas. You'll also find William F. Buckley Jr. on idyllic cruising; James Thurber on the arcane and often impenetrable language of sailors; the legendary Joshua Slocum on sailing alone around the world.
The Greatest Sailing Stories Ever Told is a treasure trove: tears, adrenaline, laughter, and adventure abound. With contributions from:
James Thurber, William F. Buckley Jr., Ann Davison, Sterling Hayden, Ernest Shackleton, Tristan Jones, Samuel Eliot Morrison, Joshua Slocum, E. B. White, C. S. Forester, Cleveland Amory, Weston Martyr, Peter Goss and David Kasanof.
Some of the most compelling writing in the history of man and the sea is embraced in this one volume. It will keep you aloft on the yard till dawn. This book is awash with entertaining narratives.

"RISK TO GAIN " by Mark Chisnell

The dramatic account of team EF´S Withbread victory, told by Anna Drougge and Magnus Olsson. This is the story of the winning team in the 1997/98 Withbread Race. A unique insight into team EF´S two boats, during their journey around the world. Stomach-churning storms, frustrating calms, broken gear and remarkable details of life onboard, are all here, as well as shattered hopes and stunning victories.
Combined with exceptional photography of Rick Tomlinson, and written by Mark Chisnell, this is probably the most vivid pictorial and written record of the world ´s greatest ocean race ever produced.

"LES MUTINS DE LA MER" Emmanuel & Maximilien Berque

In April 2003, two 53 years old adventurers from the Des Landes, region of France, Emmanuel and Maximilen Berque, made an extraordinary Atlantic crossing aboard a tiny outrigger canoe with no documents and no navigation instruments, a fabulous astronomical experience.
After 27 days sailing and 3000 nautical miles, they made a precise landfall on the small island they were aiming for, La Désirade.
Soon, next June, this two amazing brothers will sail again on board “Micromegas 5” designed and built by them selves too, getting on another fantastic sailing adventure….close to the wind!


In 2008, 88 men sailed away from St. Barbara castle in Alicante harbour, but only 76 completed the 37.000 nautical miles arriving to the finish in San Petersburg (Russia), during the white nights.
The black oil slick from Japan, to very strong conditions in southern seas, some injuries,…..all happened.
This is the Volvo Ocean Race 2008-09 story, an amazing regatta trough all the seas, from Spain coast, passing by Africa, Asia, America and back to Europe. A regatta, full of resistance, effort and, most of all, a great adventure sailing experience.


Chris Stewart share with us this incredible experience, from a life, just by it self so amazing.
Invited by a friend to learn to sail as crew, on a tiny 21 feet yacht, around the Greek Islands, became a very tentative job, but with a small inconvenience …he never sailed in his life.
With a great humorous tone and lots of talent, show us how it feels to live on a small boat at the sea, and describe us his adventure, from a foggy English harbour, through the Mediterranean sea, until the North Atlantic ocean, following the Vikings route.

"LOS RECORDS DEL ATLANTICO" Eric Tabarly/ Michele Lemaitre

This is the story of the “Atlantic records” written by a fantastic sailor, Eric Tabarly together with Michele Lemaitre. This book brings our memory back to the big old ships, authentic sail cathedrals exposed to the wind. From all these big sailing boats, to Chay Blyth, Alain Colas, Michael Birch…there were many trying to beat the record of the “Atlantic”, and maybe, the big success of Tabarly  wasn´t getting in two days less  the time used to do the crossing, but to open with this record, the way to other sailors to keep beating, and beating this record, that for many years was unreachable.
A very interesting book, about the pioneers of the transoceanic regattas, nowadays very popular, and where the records are continuously being beating, thanks to a very high technology on board the actual ships. Also, brings us closer to the figure of the great sailor Eric Tabarly, sadly lost in 1998.

“TAKING ON THE WORLD” by Ellen MacArthur

In February 2001, 24 years old Ellen Macarthur completed the Vendée Globe, the world´s toughest race. As the youngest Briton to circumnavigate the globe singlehanded and as the fastest woman ever to have done so, her achievement was remarkable. But how had a young woman from a small village in Derbyshire come to find a new home among the waves?
In this book, Ellen tells her story, from saving up to buy her first boat, through sailing around Britain as a teenager, to racing the Vendée Globe itself.

It shows how courage, passion and determination can overcome all obstacles, and how one young woman made her dreams come true.